How do you keep a tree alive?

Most experts agree that clean water is enough to keep a tree fresh. Just remember to check the water level daily, you should always cover the cut end of the trunk.

How do you keep a tree alive?

Most experts agree that clean water is enough to keep a tree fresh. Just remember to check the water level daily, you should always cover the cut end of the trunk. To keep a Christmas tree alive, it is essential that once the trunk of the Christmas tree is cut, the cut is kept moist. Be sure to fill the carrier immediately after cutting the trunk.

But, if you forget, most trees will be fine if you fill the stall within 24 hours. But your Christmas tree will stay fresh longer if you fill it up as soon as possible. The best way to revive a struggling Christmas tree is to give it more water. Always keep the lower 2 inches of the trunk submerged in clean water, even if that means you have to refill the water tank of your tree stand daily.

You can also keep a Christmas tree green and flexible by lowering your home's thermostat (cooler air helps it stay cooler for longer) or away from a large window that gets direct sun all day. Since the heat causes the needles to dry out more quickly, try to avoid placing the tree too close to a fireplace, wood stove or ventilation grille. The JACK-POST Oasis Christmas Stand can handle trees up to 10 feet. The deeper well allows more of the base of the tree to get the right amount of water.

Erika Bragdon is a second-generation homeschooling mother with 3 children at home and 1 at university. She lives in the beautiful hills of New Hampshire on a small farm and loves writing, baking, nature and sharing floral essences and more natural solutions with mothers. In addition, live trees are sustainably grown and can be recycled, which is not the case with fake plastic trees. Christmas trees need a lot of water, so make sure you get a tree stand that can hold at least a gallon of water.

As soon as you bring your tree indoors, place it in a sturdy stand with a generous water tank that holds at least a gallon of water. Make sure that the lights you put on the tree are in good condition and are specifically designed to decorate Christmas trees. Contrary to what your grandfather told you, never make holes in the trunk of a Christmas tree, thinking that this will help the tree absorb more water. If the water tank is still relatively full the next day, make a new cut or (assuming you bought it from a tree lot) return the tree for a different one.

Real trees can catch fire, so follow general fire safety tips when keeping a real Christmas tree indoors. If possible, upgrade to LED Christmas tree lights that don't heat up to reduce tree drying. If you have to store the tree for a few days, Neubauer recommends keeping it in a cool place with water until you can mount it. In fact, university research has shown that adding preservatives for Christmas trees does not improve needle retention, and in some cases additives can damage the tree.

If you are looking for a wonderful way to create memories with your family, I recommend that you visit a tree farm and choose your tree in person each year. However, keeping your real tree fresh during the holiday season requires giving your tree a little persistent care and a good solid foundation. If you are buying a pre-cut tree from a nursery, retail store, church group, or scout troop, ask how recently the trees were harvested and where did they come from. Once you get your tree home, make a new cut if it has been more than a few hours since it was harvested, for example, if you got it from a lot of trees (where it may have been cut weeks before).

If you are buying a tree from a lot of trees, ask the seller to make a new cut for you by cutting a thin wooden disc from the trunk. Believe it or not, the type of Christmas light you decorate your tree with can affect the lifespan of your tree. .

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